Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Foreword

"Every Journey Begins with a Single Step".

Welcome, samurai, to what will, presumably, be a long running Legend of the Five Rings blog. My purpose is to blog the experience of reading through the entire Legend of the Five Rings RPG line, the annoying things, the fun things, and the assorted musings that arise from any long-term activity.

These are not supposed to be reviews altough, inevitably, they will end up transmiting my personal views of the books and of the game, as well as personal anedoctes of playing the game (I will try to keep those to a minimum). I am more interested in what goes inside one's head while reading an RPG book, some of which I don't read in a long time, and how experience reshapes new readings.

I hope this will be enjoyable to everyone.

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