Monday, 22 November 2010


"No plan Survives contact with the Enemy"

It's interesting how that quote sum up this blog nicely.

At about the same time I started this blog, over an year ago, I was offered a mangement job in the company I worked with at the time. It was a significant challenge, particularly from someone who doesn't come from a business administration background and without any previous management experience. It also came with a nicely increased paygrade. Natuarally it also came with increased resposablities which kept me from updating this blog until recently.

And in the time since then things changed a lot.

I've achieved great sucess, and learned we are only as good as our last result. I've seen the best amd the worst of corporate culture, and learned a lot about people and office politics.

Meanwhile, L5R also changed, a new edition was launched this summer, and much to my glee. AEG seems to have changed their stance on PDFs, so I've aquired the new edition on DriveThruRPG and have been pouring over it.

Because of this, my plans will be slightly changed, I will make a simple review of the new edition, and only after that review will I start reading the product line. My objective has become to see how my opinion of 4th Edition is nuanced by that reading.

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