Tuesday, 11 January 2011

John Wick

One of the things I've been doing while reading the books for this blog is going through the internet in search of old clarifications, interviews and errata for the RPG. Get a pulse of development and fandom, so to speak.

There's been a lot of archive binging.

One thing I'm surprised is how John Wick's online persona came across as being as complete asshole.

And I don't mean by that that he had a strong authorial voice.

I mean that he came across as being a complete bastard. Hell, those that think him annoying today would probably go batshit insane at his posture back then. The 2010 JW is a completely mellowed out version of 98-99 JW. If I had acess to the internet and was into L5R he'd might be able to drive me away. I'm not even sure I'd find him more palatable than one AEG's current moderators, Dace, which I can single out as being strongly responsible for me to decide to completely drop out of L5R nearly 3 years ago.

I won't even compare JW's online persona with his writing persona...

I am however going to put some of the archives I've been going trough in the Links sidebar.

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