Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Lion

The final novel in the Clan War, The Lion wraps up with the Day of Thunder.

This update took a bit longer than usual because of the usual holiday rush, and because the novel itself is not that interesting.

Mind you I don't mean it's bad. It's just so incredibly average you don't really want to keep reading other than to ocupy your time during a commute or something like that.

You can also do a drinking game with it. Drink every time lion-headed katana...

It does get better towards the end, during the Day of Thunder proper, but up until that point it seems as nearly every moment of character development must come during or after a fight which make the first two thirds of the book a bit disjointed because it looks like battle scenes are being thrown around just to set the mood.

Comparing it with the other books in the saga this one is probably the middle of the pack. Undoubtfully better than the The Unicorn or The Phoenix, it struggles with The Crane depending on the readers particular taste, but definitely worse than The Crab, The Dragon and The Scorpion.

Sullivan seems to have completely overcome his fascination with natto though.

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