Saturday, 5 March 2011

City of Lies- City of Green Walls

"Rokugan's most elegant cesspit; a monster of beauty, a seductive lie cast in limestone and gold,l atreacherous maiden whose loveliness is exceeded only by her brutality- that is my home. Ryoko Owari is a grand tombstone for dead honor, where decadent childrencaper and rejoice in their unholy freedom. I could live nowhere else."

This is the companion to the GM guide. If the GM Guide is the meat of the set than this is the skeleton.

Or maybe it's the other way around...

Anyhow, this is the location guide for Ryoko Owari.

It's divided in six chapters corresponding to each quarter, Fisherman's, Leatherworker's, Merchant, Temple, Licensed and Noble Quarter.

This is pretty much the continuation of the GM guide, and the only failing I found is one that will be repeated in later AEG books.

The included adventure Yemon's Legacy is divided thoughout the different chapters, und unlike in the later books it's not in order, ie part 1 is followed by part 2. It's not a serious flaw, but it is a needless burden placed on the GM.

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