Sunday, 27 March 2011

Wind of Honor

Insert standard boilerplate to describe mass-market fantasy paperback novels here.

The above phrase sums up my view of Wind of Honor nicely. in a word it's bland. Incredibly bland.
I kept reading to find out if there was a reason why I should care, but at the end of the book the only feeling I was left with was "Well, there's a few hours I'm neer going to get back..."

It's that bland, there is a narrative in there somewhere, but basically you just go meh.

In a way, much as I hate Wind of War, I don't know if this isn't worse. At least I can mock Wind of War endlessly. Wind of Honor is just as big a waste of paper, but doesn't even manages to increase my blood pressure.

My doctor might be happier with that, but it is definitely less cathartic.

I guess The Unicorn needed company.

Speaking of Wind of War, it will be the next book I'm going to review. Expect a lot of wailing and snark...


  1. I stayed away from that series of books because I'd heard that they were exactly that. "meh."

    Also, you've used the word 'worst' incorrectly a few times in your blog (i.e. "...,I don't know if this is worst."). The word you want to use is 'worse'.

  2. Thanks, english isn't my first language altough that is a very obvious mistake. I'm always surpised at how many typos and errors I can find a few days after posting.

  3. Hmm, that's odd it shouldn't have come out anonymous...