Saturday, 5 March 2011

City of Lies- Musings

So here are the thoughts that didn't really fall on any specific post or that only clicked after finishing the whole thing:

  • Again Stolze introduces hitherto unknown families. The Jitsuyoteki, Shosuro vassals, whose sole representant feels quite interesting and could hae been developed further in my opinion. Were I to run City of Lies today I would place him in the place of Gate/Kado, and relegate a ronin to a bouncer role in one of the teahouses. The Hoji, Mantis vassals are also introduced and forgotten until I pointed out their existence and one of the notable L5R fans, Okuma, took a special liking to them, and managed to play one in the first AEG official Winter Court PbP. It goes without saying the Ashidaka were also introduced here.
  • There are a lot of hints and tidbits. I disliked the handling of the Kolat, but we have Lord Moon's cult introduced and a Naga cult. Iwill be coming back to Asako Kinto when reading Way of the Naga.
  • The rumor mill is an interesting tool from the location guide, and it can probably be used with little modification in any city setting.

All in all, this box set as passed the test of time well. It's an incrediby useful tool for the GM and one of the examples of how an adventure module should be done.

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